Monday, July 23, 2007

Let's see how this goes

So I made myself a blog to talk about my knitting. But I spend a fair amount of time posting comments on various political and theology boards, and I thought maybe it would be fun to have a place where I can initiate my own posts and try my hand at writing about my thoughts, mostly to clarify them for myself. If it's boring, I can stop. If no one reads it, but if it's fun, that'll be ok. So off we go.


Non Sum said...

Hello Evelyn,
Thank you for the heads up regarding your new blog. I've just read your articles, and enjoyed them very much. Well conceived, and even better articulated; but that's hardly any surprise. My best wishes for its success.

Our positions have always been similar on most issues, but I will try to find areas for productive response when I am able to. Otherwise, I'm just pleased to find a free, and tasty, source of knowledgable insight offered up in a presentation rivaling the best chefs in Europe.
Your Old friend, and noted gourmand, NS (Needs Salt)

Evelyn said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading. I will reply to your comments on health care later.Be well.

tinythinker said...

Oh, new blog. *waves*

Lily said...

Well, E,
I have dropped by before and read.....and now I am prompted to write .
Thanks for e-mailing me.
My life is a questionable crunch at the moment and so my writing will be sporatic but hopefully focused when I reply to you.
I find no joy in writing elsewhere on the web in recent times.

The cryptic cactus flower..........